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Hi, I have a 4 year old boy that has newly been dx with adhd. He has been having symptoms for over a year and we just have dealt with the behaviors until now he has been put on Focalin 2.5 once in the am for now but the doctor wrote it for twice and said I could decide after a week if he needed the second dose. I have had my child in a preschool since last year including summer program and he started fall session over a week ago and has been on the meds for 5 days of it. He has had a very rocky start first his original teacher left 2 weeks before fall session started then he has been having problems with other children which he never has before. One incident was another child bit him on the playground and of course he got very upset so much so the next day after when I picked him up he was still screaming at this other kid and made him cry. I was not sure whether I should have punished for this or not all I did was ask what happened and he told me it was bc he bit him the other day and wont leave him alone. I have to say my son has always loved and left school smiling but it has been different with the new teacher and he is absolutely miserable I look in his class before they open the door to leave and he is screaming and throwing fits on the floor almost daily. I spoke with the teacher about him starting the meds 1st day and then let her know he had started over the weekend the same day I told her she said to me at the end of class that she noticed no difference with him and I said well I was told it needs more time to kick in and he needs to adjust to you. But should she know that? Any advice on getting him to get used to new situations and how to handle difficulties with other children?
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