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Hi my son is 9 going on 10 he has been diagnosed since 2002... I can honestly say I can't cope with the mornings anymore his meds don't kick in till the school bus arrives thats if he'll take his meds. He is so violent and loud i'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and feel like just taking my 2 year old and running away. I really have had enough. I need help!
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Name: dreams | Date: Nov 23rd, 2005 12:33 AM
I have spent the last four years listening to doctors tell me that my son's behavior is normal for his age and that while he may have temper tantrums that he is fine. I just gave up. I don't want him to have ADD but at the same time I am not a moron either. With a normal 4 year old there are moments you can relax and take a breath, not with my son. I cringe at the thought of going in public because people honestly stare and I can see it all over their faces, " Oh my god, why doesn't she control him" and " If that kid were mine...." Well, I desperately want to scream into their faces... Show me the answer...If you think you have it show me. He hits, screams, is so violent at times he can hardly catch his breath but this is "normal behavior". Doctor's don't like to diagnose early I have been told. Well, what am I to do? I can understand wanting to run away. There have been so many times I just want to leave and never look back. Not to be misunderstood, I love him and would take nothing in the world for him but ther are days I beg for God's mercy...for just one day. 

Name: Michelle | Date: Nov 23rd, 2005 5:22 PM
i can completely understand both of you. I took my son, then 4, to a child psychiatrist because i just couldn't handle his behavior anymore. But he didn't show his true colors and he just said- he's just a normal boy. I dont see Adhd in him. Well now that he's almost 6 and in school- he's being tested because of his violent nature and he won't sit still or respond to directions well. When he was 2, he gave me 2 black eyes in a 6 month time span because of his tantrums. I completely sympathize with you, dreams, about people in public. He just goes up to anyone and will just start rambling on and on about anything. I have had nervous breakdowns, anxiety attacks, etc. I dont deal well with stress at all. I can't go anywhere during the day because the school calls constantly on his behavior.

What can ya do? I guess just take one day at a time. Thats all i do. i have a meeting with the school in a week or so... hopefully they'll have an answer for me. 

Name: jenny | Date: Nov 23rd, 2005 6:43 PM
i really understand to, my little girl has adhd she was diagnosed in april this year i have got no family support, i suffer with anxiety as well and i suffer panic attacks, my daughter can be ok one minute and off the planet the next i cant deal with her in public places lots of people stare its so embarrasing, ive put her on meds now its helping a little although shes still having major mood swings, i very often feel like just walking out. but i know these children need us to be there as parents, so all i can say is hang in there thats what i try to do, good luck 

Name: judy | Date: Nov 26th, 2005 10:40 PM
dreams, i think that you should have your son tested for sensory integration or fragile x syndrome. go to a child neurologist for the diagnoses. You have to do your own homework unfortunately to get the help you need. And get real about this disorder. If you think that he's out of control now, just wait. you're not helping him when you want to wish this all away. I was so ready to give my son up for adoption because i didn't know what else to do for him. Concerta 18 mg did the trick for about 2 years. He was placed on them since 3 yrs old
but he now needs occupational therapy to help him with his sensory integration . It is when a child is hypersensitive to his enviroment. or not sensitive enough. it causes a lot of the same symptoms as adhd. don't take no for an answer from the dr. they don't know everything. 

Name: ROBERT | Date: Dec 24th, 2005 1:49 AM
Reply mabby i could help 

Name: Robert | Date: Dec 24th, 2005 1:55 AM
Trust me I know i can help my email address is [email protected] 

Name: Steph | Date: Jan 4th, 2006 2:30 AM
I can relate. I have 9 year old daughter with ADHD that drives me insane, until it is time to leave to drop her and her brother off at school. That's about the time her meds kick in. But, the upside to this is, that you have found meds that work! As for my poor 5 year old son, diagnosed with PDD-NOS(Autism spectrum), he isn't so lucky. He is a handful all day. My daughter can be far more annoying than him, when her meds wear off. However, I can depend on her meds to work, to give me some kind of relief to deal with my son's behaviors. I can pace when I can take her in public, rely on her to complete her homework, play a game with her and etc. With him, it is NEVER predictable. With him in public, you better be prepared for the worse and just be thankful if it isn't too bad. More times than not, I have had to leave grocery stores with a basket full because of his inpatiences and outbursts. When he is ready to "pay for" as he calls it, we better hussle! Otherwise, it's a horrible scene. I don't know if you are, but I'm a single parent that works fulltime. So, I just have to take my gambles and take him with me regardless. Just be greatful it isn't worse. 

Name: claudia | Date: Mar 3rd, 2006 3:50 PM
Hi my 11year old son with adhd and odd since well pre -school. Yes, suspended from pre -school and always a seat in the principals office on a daily basis up until 6th grade. No Joke!!!!!!! Now in junior high he is a little more refined with behavior at school because of intense cognitive behavioral therapy. Now at home he struggles with destruction , tormenting his 3 year old sister until she attacks him with rage, loud annoying talking all the time, no sense of keeping himself clean, disposing of candy rappers, soda cans,clothes,banana peels,gum wherever he is standing all over the yard and house. exploding cans in the garage with no common sense of destroying other peoples items, Put it this way I am a mother and a 11 year old boy because I have to put the deodorant can and tooth brush and q-tips next to him every morning and most of the time do it for him or well he will get up eat breakfast and go off to school just like that. The sad part is that I say yes whenever it is that he is invited out because I want to get him away from us. So Sad I hate myself for this. I truly get what your saying. There is no help but getting away and doing something that makes you happy and then go home with more strength. 

Name: emtf71 | Date: Mar 4th, 2006 2:22 AM
I had the same problem with tring to get my son diagnosed i took him to childrens hospital in Boston thinking I will get help but I didn't and it was crunch time because he was in kindergarden he was hurting other kids and their parents were calling the teacher which would lead to the teacher calling me . I was despreate. I new from the day he could walk he had adhd. He could not sit still always determine to do what he wanted no matter if I punished him he would do it again and again. So I took him to another doctor and i came up with resaults. From that day on he was more of what you call typical boy at school and he was alot happier himself. Granted it was scary at first to take meds.But it has really helped him . I'm so glad they have this medication for him because before meds he would of stayed in time out all day. 

Name: Diana | Date: Mar 4th, 2006 2:33 PM
I totally know where you are coming from. I am a single Mom for the second time, and have 3 adhd boys. They are entering the teen years, it has been quite difficult raising them. You need to take a step back ,a deep breath and realize it wont always be this way! Look into your sons eyes and remember he is your child and you love him. Then find something that works. Remember if you show him that what he is doing is getting under your skin he is winning. The best thing for ADHD children is structure and guidance. I dont know the answers but I know you love your son or you wouldnt be seeking help. Try using a reward system this helped me when my sons were that age. Maybe talk to a counselor or social worker. It takes a very strong person to deal with ADHD (hense 2 divorces). Stay strong your son needs you. 

Name: help is here | Date: Mar 5th, 2006 3:54 PM
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