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I have a 7yr old daughter who will be 8yr in May.
Ever since a little girl we knew 'things' were not right, but being a first time parent we carried on regardless...
We took her to playgroups and she would find it difficult to interect with other children, just was happy to play with my friends son.
She is always day-dreaming, and her body will shake (we call it jiving, to keep it light hearted for her) which concerns me greatly while she is at school, as we all know how cruel other children can be....
Her school have now got involved and asked for the Educational Psychologist to assess her which showed she is below average in reading and writing, which we agreed. But to be honest the assessment didn't highlight all concerns.
Homework is a nightmear... her concentration is '0'. I often have to leave the room to compose myself because I get very frustrated with her, and she does with herself too.
We have had very bad days where she refusses to do anything..... will not get dressed for school etc. One particulary day I had to drag her to school and into the office with tears from both of us!

My reasons for posting is to get some advice and views from other parent who have children with simular difficulties. Or could I be over reating? Unfortunately, my husband tends to bury hes head but does acknowledge that she can be 'difficult' but puts it down to just that.

Thank you for reading my post...
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