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My 20 year old was just diagnosted with ADHD. She's away at college and was having trouble with her studies. She went online and tested herself then went to the school and they tested her and found her to have ADHD. I feel terrible that I missed the signs. She was always so smart. High School was hell but we thought it was just the "teen years". When I look back I realize that we had years of problems. All the years of stress, the screaming, the arguments. The last 8 years have been the most difficult. Now she's away and trying out meds to see if they will work and I get calls from her that end with her being abusive. I feel so lost. I know she could use my help and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about ADHD. I need to get as much info on how to parent a young adult with ADHD. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
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