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Our 17 yr old daughter has always exhibited ADHD like behavior. At the same time, she is a gifted student, highly creative and a leader - who sometimes manages to pull it all off at the last second each time there is a deadline. She knows friends with the diagnosis and who have not enjoyed the treatments (incl. drugs, therapy, and behavioral adaptations).

She now is willing to confront the possibility that she may also have this issue. However - she claims - "It is who I am. There are benefits to this situation. If I treat it, then I may become less creative etc."

Can anyone point me to articles which address this issue -- i.e., that the same person with treated ADHD will be more and not less successful than if their ADHD was untreated. Thank you.
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Name: babgir | Date: Dec 26th, 2012 10:48 PM
hi im 16 and i got ADHD and before i was diagnosed i was the same way very artistic and very musical and since i learned how to control it and i take my meds i am much more musical and artistic. if you would like to ask any more questions of she has any my email is [email protected] just let me know its you or i wont respond 

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