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I dont know what to do,I wrote down about my 2 year old and someone gave me some advice,but i spoke to a family member who has a child with adhd and he told that every thing is fine with my daughter and i should stop worrying about her ,he has not seen her but its normal for a child to act like this and i should leave things the way she is.The health vistor did say that they do something when she is about 3.But i dont know what to do,she will be fine one minute and then lose it for no reason ,she will will kick,bite me and her sister and break up the house and try and hurt herself,I put her in her bedroom and she will smash everything,she tryed to throw herself and her sister down the stairs before i got up,i heard my 6 year old shouting for help.No one will now look after her as they cant handle her.Children she meets her are scared of her as she will lose it with them and when she snaps out of it ,she cant understand why they wont play with her.Her sister is sometimes too scared to sleep in the same room as her as she can wake up in the early hours of the morning and attack her for no reason.Its like walking on egg shells with her as you dont know when she will snap,people have stop me in the street to see if she o.k,because she will snap anywhere.I dont know what even causes it anymore.Its like having 2 children as she can be a very loving child.I have too restain her in her pushchair now because i dont want her to hurt herself or her sister.The family member said this is the worse thing i can do ,but i dont know what else to do with her when she is like that.I never went through this with my 6 year old and dont know if this is normal or not.I now feel like a real bad parent because sometimes when she snaps i find it hard to handle her.There is a whole list with her like her sleep you never know how she will sleep from one night to the next.I love her to bits and want to do the best for her.So i need some advice,leave it like my family member says and hope one day she will better.
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Name: mar22 | Date: Dec 16th, 2006 4:58 AM
i feel as thou you are walking in my old shoes. i too had these similiar problems with my son it all starting when he was 18months and started greating people by spitting on them. he is now six and doing awsome now. i have learnt to pick one behaviour at a time to change. like for hitting as soon as he hit, kicked or was just plain mean i was told to nip it straight away no matter were i was, i was to put him at the table for him to proctice safety and this is what we call it and he could colour apicture or play playdough this helps change his thought to something else. we did experience resistance at first like throwing stuff on the ground then i would say well you still have to sit for half our and your time starts when your quite. Maybe next time youll want to use these things. it took a good six months of consistancy before i saw change. also we do a reward thing witch if he does not hit for three days he gets to pic out a toy from the bag(their just dollar toys he whent to pick out before we started this) he has now succeeded for three weeks now their has been no hitting so now im adding no throwing things when hes mad. oh my son was dagnoed as adhd at four. when younger his social skills seem to be behind because of him being so impulsive he wasnt learning control over himself but when medicated it help his brain slow down to here that i was saying that hitting is unexceptable and with some socail skills classes and behaviour worker working with him i can actually say he has gone from no one wanting him around because he was mean and a bully to kids asking him to come over and play and he can now behave himself. age six has been a mark of maturity for him still we have issues like sleeping but not as there were. it will get better hope this was helpful. oh earlier i mentioned safety at the table when we were out there was no table so i sat him on the floor agains a wall. good luck iwas always told it take six months to a year to change a behaviour , it always gets worse before it gets better. 

Name: rosie7 | Date: Jan 24th, 2007 4:22 AM
i am not a dr., but i work in a pediatric dentist office and review medical histories. first of all your child is 2 so anything goes with that age. (terrible 2's) some of what your describing sounds similar to a child i recall with autism. she would slap another child that she didn't know and for no reason. i saw this no toy or words were involved, i think at this age it is hard to figure out our children. don't feel like a bad parent , i too need to take this advice, because my son has adhd,, and i feel as though i can't control his attention or his behavior. my son is now six and the dr.s wouldn't do any test until he wa 4 or 5. it is just so hard to read those little ones. i would just keep letting her know that he behavior is not appropriate and don't forget she is 2. hope this helps 

Name: taybry | Date: Jan 24th, 2007 12:56 PM
I would have her checked for other disorders, maybe bi polar. I don't think that behavior is right for a 2 year old. those are not just typical terrible twos. If you can try to video tape her behaviour to have some documentation for a therpiast or doctor. It could be a number of things even a reaction to foods or enviroment. But please don't take the word of just one person especialy someone who doesn't see her. That is not typical behaviour for anyage. 

Name: legsec12 | Date: Jan 24th, 2007 2:28 PM
My son has similar issues around 2 or 3 years of age. His doctor put him on Risperdal and it worked wonders. He also had a sleep disorder and did not sleep well at all. The Risperdal also stopped that. He is 9 now, ADHD, and still takes Risperdal and Strattera and is pretty much very well behaved except for the usual 9 year old stuff. 

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