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I need help. My son who has ADHD is 9 yrs old. We have a new neighbor who moved in a month ago whom my son has been playing with. Overall they seem to get along rather well but now that the newness has worn off I can see my son falling into habits that he only usually does at home. Which is to act like a baby and start crying when he doesn't get his way. We can't stand that. I know there's nothing wrong with crying but we he cries to just get he's way it's totally fustrating. Does any one have any suggestions on how to get him to stop? Because it also seems as if the crying doesn't work he then resorts to getting upset to the point where physically he's in the young boys face. We would like to stop this behaiver but everything we've tried doesn't seem to work. Any suggestons would be appreciated.
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Name: Stephanie | Date: Feb 1st, 2006 5:18 PM
I know this can be really trying and I have to admitt I still feel the same way as you. My 6 year old son does this everyday and is very opposiotional, he was just diagnoised with ADHD. My husband and I have done many things to try and stop this but we found one option that workes really great. We started talking to the parents of our son's friends and infroming them what is going on I know thats hard but it works. We ask them that if our son starts to whine and becomes confrontaional that they send him home and also call us to let us know what has happened. When he gets home he is usaally upset. We take the time to tell him that because he was acting like a baby at his friends house and being aggresive towards them that he has to stay home for a day or two until he can say nice thing and use his manners. We also tell that it makes his friends feel bad and they don't know how to play with him when he does it. Most of the time it doesn't take more than a day for an apology to arise and the manners are back. This helps him get things in check and also gives us time to discuss with him and his friends parents what we expect from him. We are all on the same page that way and it feels good. 

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