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I have 3 boys with adhd and the are entering the teen years. I am currently going through my second divorce. My oldest son lost his best friend this year in a tragic accident and he has given up on everything. His grades are terrible, he no longer wants to play sports, is very defiant, constant arguing and misbehaving. I dont know if this is the normal ADHD, puberty or a difiant disorder, or if he is acting out because of depression? I have taken him to 4 Psyciatrist's and 3 counselors,all with differant conclusions to his problem. I am in need of guidance and since all these doctors cant make up their minds about how to help my child I thought maybe someone might be able to give me some insite. I love my child and will do anything to help him. I just dont know what is wrong if anyone has been through anything similar please respond.
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