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My son is 13. He has been on some type of ADHA medicane since he was 6. I have always used the generic form of Ritlin. The dose lasts about 4 hours. He always had trouble sleeping and not wanting to eat. I started using Melatonin a month ago and it helped him fall asleep. I really liked the generic Ritlin just didn't like having to give it so many times a day. Doctor said time release is not consist. I have tried new drugs each year without success. I just seem to keep going back to the generic Ritlin. My problem is he is in middle school this year and the dose stops working before lunch. He gets up much earlier now.
I always gave him a 2nd dose after lunch. He has a real bad attitude when not medicated with Ritlin and is an angel when on it. Some say it's just the teen years but he is really night and day on Ritlin. He can pay attention and things don't bother him.
I am now trying Concerta. We started him out on 36mg. The doctor said try it for 3 - 4 days then increase to 54mg if needed. He seemed more social and somewhat attentive. He did have a meltdown the second day. I decied to try the 54 mg on the third day. He had a lot of trouble doing homework and by 6:00 pm it was completely worn off. But he still had homework to do. I know it has only been 4 days but I still think the generic Ritlin worked so much better. Can anyone suggest a medicane that may have worked for them or medicanes that did not.
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