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My son is in baseball he is 7 years old w/adhd he is on ritalin. yesterday I took him to practice and the coach had to talk to him three times for his impulssiveness he can't stop touching other kids. I'm starting to get nervous about other parents complaining about him hurting there kids. I have talked to my son about this a hundred times not to do that every time he does he get's punished, I'm surprised they haven't kicked him of yet. the thing is is he loves baseball i don't want him to lose this enjoyment. I'm just clueless? My husband and I tell him that once he get's kicked of the team for his behavior mommy and daddy can't fix it. Help? I love my son so much it would really hurt if he looses this.
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Name: Emerald | Date: May 2nd, 2006 2:56 PM
You say your son is on Ritalin? How does he do in school with the medication? Is it just in the playtime area? How often does he take the meds? The reason I am asking is sometimes the meds the child is on may not actually work and something else needs to be tried. Sometimes the worst punishment is taking away the one thing your child loves but it doesnt always work. What does your son say when you talk to him?
I hope it works out for ya and keep us posted. 

Name: Marie | Date: May 2nd, 2006 2:56 PM
Hello, My son had adhd also he is a little older than your son, he loves playing baseball sometimes I feel that is the only thing he is good at & it makes him feel good about himself.
maybe try a reward system with a chart to keep track. tll him if he can get thru the practice with only a few reminders (rememeber kids with adhd never stop needing reminders on how to behavior & not to behavior) then take him for ice cream RIGHT after practice or a game or let him stay up a few extra minutes that night, and build up from there , but immediate rewards will pay off, so he can see if he behavors good at practice he will get a reward right away & that may control him from acting up. If he continues to be good, do something more special as he improves maybe a movie or a camp out overnight in the living room or play a favorite game little things seem so big the our kids with adhd, they need constant praising even though good times with them are few & far between, does he coach understand that he is not like all the other kids & needs a little more patiences if not remind him again & perhaps the other parents need a little more understanding too, lucky for them they dont go through what he go through 24/7...Good luck I hope ive helped 

Name: emtf71 | Date: May 2nd, 2006 4:52 PM
Thanks for the great idea's I hope by rewarding him he dose better. At this point I will try anything. Just to see a smile on his face when he play's ball. as for the ritalin he dose awesome at school work he stay's focused get a's and b's. But when it cames to free time is mostly when he gets impulssive. Or waiting for his turn. 

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