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What are the signs that a parent see's with a infant/ toddler who has ADHD?
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Name: h | Date: Nov 2nd, 2009 3:21 AM
This is a tough one because toddlers are supposed to be inattentive, hyperactive/full of energy...that's why you can't really be sure until around first grade--thats when you can start assessing, doing testing and so on. Until then, you just watch, wait and pray. Someone told us our daughter had ADHD when she was about 3 and we thought 'the nerve!" But he was right...what was toddler energy and impulsivity never subsided...she never seemed to grown up and out of that stage and that's when we moved forward with seeing a pediatrician, then an ADHD specialist. Hope thishelps. 

Name: Joleen | Date: Nov 2nd, 2009 5:05 AM
Don't ever doubt your instincts. I have two sons who are both severely ADHD, along with other issues. When my oldest son was first diagnosed, he was 3. Before that, I kept questioning my family physician because he just didn't act what seemed to be normal. he was more hyperactive, impulsive and explosive than normal 2-3 year-olds After trying numerous parenting strategies as suggested by my docter, she sent him for diagnosis. Their father is ADHD (I suspect severely and definitely untreated) and he has other children who are.
When it came time for my youngest child, I just kept asking questions and their doctor tested him.
The one piece of advice I offer--keep asking questions and don't just think that it is a boy thing or a toddler thing. If your instincts tell you that his/;her behavior isn't normal, then ask questions and don't stop until they test. The testing is about 1+ hours and will rule whether or not a child is ADHD.
I am a single mother of two severely ADHD sons whose father is an untreated severely ADHD adult. I am their only advocate and I have learned to trust my instincts and continue to pursue what issues I think there are.
Yes, toddlers are full of energy, but there is a limit to how much and ADHD toddlers have more extreme energy, impulsivity and explosiveness than normal toddlers. Think about nieces, nephews and how they behavior and then pursue for your child's sake.
Don't give up. Keep asking questions and demanding that tests be done. they are non-evasive. You are your child's only advocate so you must speak up for them! 

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