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ALright, I'm just frustrated. My ADHD child is trying my patience to the very end. SHe is 3 1/2 years old and she was "diagnosed" in September. We are seeing a neurologist and he offered for us to try focalin or vyvanse. I had heard of vyvanse and heard good reports from different people. Also, vyvanse we could dilute in a liquid and start with a smaller dose than other medications. I just don't know if it's working. The only thing since going up to 10 mg is a little more crying. She's having tantrums but I'm thinking they may be more age related. She never had a real tantrum until she was three and they just seem to get worse over time and the sibling rivalry is out of this world. I just don't seem to be seeing consisent changes with increasing the meds. So I'm wondering if it just needs to be higher. Most people say that you know when a med is working when you notice a big difference in how you feel as a parent. I'm not feeling different. I still feel at the edge and like pulling out my hair. ANyone have a younger child on vyvanse? I'm thinking about calling the neurologist on Tuesday if I don't see any improvement in her hyperactivity.
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