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Well I have read everybody's message on this board. I guess there is no answers just guess. I realize each child is different and certain things work for one child but not another. I don't understand why Adhd has been around for a long time. But yet they are articals out thier that can be quite depressing how to find out the truth about what meds can do.I may never know But I still search. I would really like a natural way to deal with this. And I know a lot of parents are looking for the same thing. I just can't believe how dificult it is raising a 7 year old boy with adhd can be. There really should be a better way then meds. His doctor really dosn't give us to many answers he just say is the meds working and of course i say yes really well he dose great acts like a normal boy.Excells in school what could be better for a parent. Life is great. But deep sown in side I feel that I'm hurting him buy giving him the drug then helping him? any one else fell like I do?
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Name: Layne | Date: May 8th, 2006 8:02 PM
Hi my son has been on meds since he was 4 yeras old he has adhd and it always bothers me he is taking his meds he is 11 now.when he plays football in the fall i worry that he will hurt himself because of the meds he's on.maybe have a heart attack of something. it is very scary.but he cant funktion without them. 

Name: Emerald | Date: May 9th, 2006 1:12 PM
I understand how you feel. For some time, I was adament I wouldnt give my son the medication if I could deal with it some natural way, but I eventually realized that I was fighting a losing battle. He was four when he started taking Adderall... he is now 11 and still taking the same medication. Unlike most of my friends who have tried different medications, we seemed to hit the jackpot the first time around. My son excels so well in school that when he doesnt take the medication before he leaves for school, the teachers NOTICE something is not right... ie fidgety, talkative, annoying... aggravated. I worry that the side effects of the medication will eventually occur and Im afraid that if I were to take him off.. his grades would take a downward spiral and he would lose the friends he has made. It's a very hard call to make (made) My greatest hope for my son is that he eventually grows out of the ADHD and is able to function without the aid of medication. At current time, it just doesnt seem possible... and for me, giving him that pill everyday is a reminder how I feel like I failed him as a mother. (although my son will tell anyone different.. he tells me all the time, he knows he needs it to sit down in his seat and do his work.) It's sad but true. 

Name: emtf71 | Date: May 9th, 2006 8:44 PM
My son also wants to play football I'm a big fan of football but I'm too scared righ now to let him play he is a small 7yr old maybe when he is 10 I will let him. Righ now the meds just scare me plus I'm going to get ekg on him to see if earything is good. I just have to make the oppointment having three kids it's kinda tough to find a babysister for something like this. He has been on meds for two years now. 

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