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Why as parents we have to suffer a dead end with helping our child with adhd they should have more resourse for them. They need help just like autism dose and othe speacial needs. I feel we get pushed aside. I think the public should know more lon adhd if they were a charity or a foundation I think we would get all the help we need in research and public instade of getting stares from other parents. They should have a class with adhd only. Have one teacher and a bunch of aids to help. I would be the first one to help. I know in all the 1st grade class there is about 12 adhd kids. So if they put them all in a class they would not be point out as the bad guy because they would all be in the same vote. If I knew how to start a foundation I would or a charity to help the cause adhd!
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Name: Steven Olatunji | Date: Jul 1st, 2006 10:00 AM
Hello, please i am an orphan and i'm inof need of every lovely and caring someone, I'm a secondary school holder and intend to further more i intend to study COMPUTER SCIENCE, but due to my condition i can't get through please education is much more important to me, please am raising this help sound to every men and women of God 

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