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my 2nd grader has been diagoised with adhd for 3 years and is medicated. he had a science test last week and made 100 however due to his messy and slooy writing she deducted 50 points making this a F. I do not agree with this because he has messy writing anyway. is there any thing I can do. I did speak with teacher but she did not see anything wrong with this
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Name: H | Date: Nov 2nd, 2009 3:28 AM
Yes--you can get an IEP--an individual education plan. By law, the school needs to test your son for adhd and then provide accomodations for him. This would change the homework load, the way they grade him, test him, etc. Ask the principal about it and find out if your school has an rsp center also. Hope this helps. 

Name: Carol | Date: Nov 3rd, 2009 9:22 AM
Hi. I am new to the forum and actually, new to chat rooms. I read your post and wanted to cry. I have a 13 year old who is in the 7th grade. He was diagnosed by his doctor at the age of 3 with ADHD but was pinned the "problem child" in Kindergarten and it wasn't until his 1st grade teacher-the parent of an ADHD son-asked us to take him to his doctor for diagnosis that we started getting any kind of help at school. But up until last year, help was limited. I agree with the post from H. Get the IEP. We went back and forth with the school system about this because my son is intelligent and was hanging in there with the other students. And because the school did not want to PAY for testing, it was not done until the end of last year. He almost failed 6th grade because of it. This year in 7th, my son has an extra set of his school books at home so he doesn't forget any books for homework. This is a big help since kids with ADHD have trouble organizing. We also do a daily assignment book that his teachers, his dad, he and I keep up with to stop the missing assignments we were struggling with. Also, the teachers HAVE TO ADAPT the classwork to him and his needs. Even after testing, we had a teacher fight us saying his problem had NOTHING TO DO WITH ADHD when all of it was ADHD and HER PROBLEM WITH IT and her lack of support. This year I have also demanded no timed tests because they make him nervous and he gets less done than on tests that aren't and I have demanded smaller test with answers being worth more pts to be fair to other students. For ex: 50 questions worth 2pts is 25 questions worth 4pts. He knows the worth but does not struggle to get through w/tests. Also, another parent that had same kind of trouble w/her son and his writing o.k'd it with teachers for him to type homework but I'm not sure what she did about tests. I can tell you that this teacher was out of line and nothing will be done until YOU demand it. Schools think kids w/ADHD should adapt to them when in all actuality it's the other way around. ADHD is a learning disability no matter how intelligent the child. My son writes messy too but he hates to write as do most kids w/ADHD and this could be a hinderance throughout his school life. I suggest you do something now. I wish I had done the things I've done in the last year 5 years ago and then my son wouldn't hate school. He is doing better with it this year since the accomodations. He has also blossomed socially because he feels better about himself and school. Hope this helps. Thanks for listening. 

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