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I really dont know what to do anymore. I have 6yr old twins...one of whom has been diagnosed with ADHD but but she doesnt display the aggressive adhd just inattentative and hyperactive. The other hasnt been diagosed but is displaying the symptoms but at a level thats not as high as her sisters. Unfortuatley the one who has not been diagnosed is continually being given into trouble for talking. She loses out on "golden time" (which is a friday afternoon where they get free play time. Depending on their behaviour they get varied amount of time to have this "golden time") The problem is whenever i ask her why she has been talking AGAIN after being asked by the teacher already to be quiet she says she doesnt know what to do....she was at a hard bit in her work and she didnt want to disturb the teacher.............she cant win....she is put on red (the lowest amount of golden time) for interupting the teacher doing reading groups to ask what to and if she asks a friend what to do so she isnt interupting she still gets put on red..........I really hate the teacher and Im meeting the head teacher tomorrow but Im sick to death of coming home from collecting them from school in tears. Please please tell me it gets better......
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Name: AJP1203 | Date: May 10th, 2012 8:54 AM
Continious talking out and stuff is an impulsive behavior that is part of Adhd in children my son who is 8 years old he is at the highest level of Adhd and a mood disorder he was diagnosed when he was 4. And he constantly gets into trouble for talking and disrupting class .. In all honesty teachers are not properly dealing with the types of children with my experience I have is you have your good teachers and you bad ones..I've been there and this year I to am dealing with a teacher who would rather punish than help..I just flat out told the school off it was me only choice I just told them that I know my son isn't the only one in the classroom of 19 students who talks out and disrupts class and until that happens they need to step off my son haha..I know for a fact how my son behaves at school He has a TSS thats with him everyday and they report to me every single day on his behaviors at school..And they even informed me that the school its self was making his behaviors sound ten times worse than they were..they actually expected me to punish him when he got home because of talking out during class...i flat out told them that wasn't happening i can not control what my child does at school because I'm not there.But dont get me wrong I do have discussions with my son about his actions and behaviors at school.I completely understand your frustration .The school pushes my son so much he would rather not even go there..And he use to love school until this year..The school District here even argued with me that my child didn't have a mental disorder he receives social security disability and on his papers its marked as a mental disability.The schools today really need to listen to parents when it comes to there children. My sons school also has a behavioral system to earn points and my son always gets points taking away for stuff that shouldn't matter((one time they took points away because his was playing with his own finger))) and he even still paid attention and answered all the teachers answers on the subject they were doing but she still took points from him.This is what I call nitpicking at children.. I called the school that same day cause my son was upset about it I told them off yet again I flot out told them that they can not expect my son to set there and not move the hypertension alone makes that impossible for him let alone the impulstivity.. They push him so hard at school and then when he comes home he has to do alot of homework yet.Pretty much here homework can last up to 2 hours from just behaviors alone..I think schools push children way to hard especially children with a disability..You can even go up as high as talking to your schools Superintendent about the concerns of your children..You could even contact and School Advocate in your county to help you with you and your childrens legal rights and what you can do and get done by law and the school will have to do..Schools doesn't like dealing with school advocates so things will change for your children..I called the school advocate here and finally was able to get my son all the help and support he needed at school..(((besides dealing with his teacher this year))

But my best advise to you is to get a hold of a childs school advocate it will make things alot easier for you when it comes to dealing with the school district...They are not offical lawyers but they do have the right and the power to let you know you and your childs rights and what you can and can not do and it is free of charge..I would in all honesty take advantage of that mine helped me out so much and even helped me more in less get a back bone hahaha when it came to dealing with the school.. they will not tell you to do anything that you shouldn't..But they will lead you in the direction you need to go to help your children in school now while they are still younger...I know its very hard as a mother to see your children upset i do it every single day.. If you need anymore help please feel free to email me [email protected] try to help others out as much as I possibly can..good luck and I hope everything works out good for you and your children... 

Name: AJP1203 | Date: May 10th, 2012 9:07 AM
or you can also find me on facebook.com Audra Podrasky.. 

Name: monicafaulk | Date: May 23rd, 2012 4:51 PM
where is your location? 

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