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my son was diag. with adhd when he was 7 years old. now he is 13 we tried different meds and found one that helped him focus perfectly its called vyvance and his grades with getting better and was a totally different child. well lately his anxiety has gone really high and he started to steal things.. no reason to, he is def. not deprived of things. Well i can catch him or know he stole it and will not admit it.. i can tell him he was caught on camera and he will say its not him. i had a police officer question him in a store but we didnt find anything, stole a turtle from the neibor made him admit it and appologize, stole money twice from mother in law. stole from me multiple times. i dont know whats going on. his teacher has noticed a change in him and she thought its his age but then she noticed the mood changes. he says he blanks out when he does it and he knows its wrong but wont admit it because he doesnt want to get into trouble. when he does wrong i dont beat him or yell. i try to sit calmly and talk to him but still he wont ever admit it. when he does its hours or days later because i wont let up on it. i am so scared he will get into serious trouble with the law. i dont know if it is side affect from taking the vyvance or if its autism .. i am so confused and depressed. anyone with the same problem?? or am i alone in this? :(
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Name: mybonkerslife | Date: Jul 23rd, 2011 9:56 AM
you are not on your own.have u contacted adhd solutions..they are a great help,my 8 yr old and his dad are adhd my son also asd..i have had help from adhd sol and it has been invaluable.its really imrpoved my life. take care 

Name: Kaycee | Date: Jul 24th, 2011 3:28 AM
The impulsiveness associated with ADHD is maddening when linked with a fettish for taking things. My daughter is 10 and I found my mother's valuables in her room, she ate a whole box of brownies one night, she ate a box of cookies the next. All this is this month's adventure with ADHD. There is never a reason as we see it. Her answer is always "Because I wanted to." There is no real reason beyond these kids are impulsive. It is NOT your fault that your son takes things. ADHD is a MEDICAL CONDITION. I've talked myself blue with my daughter. Your son has changed, as the teacher noted, his brain is changing with puberty. So the medicine that may have worked for his brain before might not be working now. You should make an appointment with your prescribing dr. to reevaluate your son's meds. You may also want to look into counseling for your son. I have found that my kid "tunes out" to me after so many "don't steal, don't etc." talks. A counselor familiar with ADHD may be of immense help here. Your son may have underlying problems that he won't tell you about. The counselor may be able to offer you tips for your son. I had a terrible time with my daughter acting out when she was 8 at home. It turned out to be a bully on the bus. I only found out when my girl's arm was nearly broken. These kid's can be silent as mud about many problems. Lastly, I recommend that you see a counselor as well, at least for a time. They could help you keep things in perspective so that you can help your son. I know that these kids are hard to parent. I know, believe me. They are also known to notice small details if not the whole picture, and your son will sense any resentment or other problems and they react negatively to it. They are used to the parent being the stable foundation, and as they get older, they become very aware of any cracks in that foundation. You need help with your son. He isn't a bad kid, his brain just doesn't function as it should in some areas. Talking doesn't really help. Setting up firm foundations does. You will have to set strict guidelines for your son, such as he cannot go to the store alone. I have to remind myself daily of the structure that I must provide for my kid because she cannot do it herself. Maybe some day, but she is emotionally immature, has severe ADHD, and the doctor says that all I can do daily is to keep to the rules and daily remind her. I just have to be creative and figure out how to fashion the rules to keep her out of trouble. She cannot go out of the fenced back yard, she cannot have pets in her room with the door closed or she is mean or they go doo, she is to stay in bed at night (that comes with a later dinner and a no choice bedtime snack, she raids the cupboards otherwise). The good news is the task is not impossible. The task is also filled with spending time with a good kid who just needs more help than others who WILL grow up to be a happy, productive member of society. I also tell her weekly that she WILL go to college. This helps me to keep up the habit of showing that I believe in my kid and care for her, even if she ate a box of brownies, stole a gold watch from my mom, etc. etc. They do grow up, but they need us. Seek out help to help you as well as your son. 

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