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I have a 9 year old daughter who was diagnoised with adhd 3 years ago. She is taking foclin 2 times daily. I have been happy with the results in her behavior with the meds. When she isn't on her meds then she is very angry and hard to deal with. Punishing doesn't work with her, it only makes her more defiant. Even though her meds are working pretty well for moods she still has extreme difficulty with her school work. We live in a rather small town with only the public school system as our only edcuational opption. One of the things her teachers are most concerned with is low self esteem. Is this the result of so many battles and the emotional roller coaster that we have both been on now for so long? I have so many questions and no answers. How do others deal with modifying behavoirs? How do others get their kids to perform well in school and care about their school work? How do others deal with the stresses? How do you rebuild your child's self esteem when you are constantly on the them about something? I welcome all suggestions and comments.
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