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i'm interested to hear alternative things that have really helped adhd kids
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Name: Steph | Date: Oct 6th, 2005 3:55 AM
when I was diagnosed with ADD, I wasn't put on medication for the first three years hoping to deal without medication, my grades began declining more and more, I had low self-esteem, felt depressed, avoided school and couldn't keep friends. I was given Adderall XR for the past several years and my only complaint is that if I dont eat enough(I have to force myself to eat since the medicine blocks hunger) then I become more irratiable than normal but who doesn't after not eating? Anyways I've now finished college and manage a retail store, even after trying to go off the medication I find myself forgetting to turn in bills on time, lose bank statements and leave the oven on... Medication has helped me a lot!! 

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