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we have one of those head master's what talk down to you,and he has had it in for my son for some time,recently got my son diagnoised with adha,and on tablet's,but cut a long story shourt,all the children now know that if you tell my son to do some thing,he will do it,he is 10 years of age,and he hid some ones school jumper,and forgot wear he had put it,week later they found it under a bush,witch it had bin raining,so of course it wasnt a lot of good,so i did say well tom my son as 50pence a day for tuck shop,so take that of him untill he has paid for a new jumper,but they didnt do it,but he did it as children egged him on to do it,and you no what there like,act now,think later,but today,ive bin called in school office as tom has stolen some ones keys out a child's bag,when i spoke to my son,he says two other children had told him to do it,yes stealing is stealing and it is wrong,all the head is saying that tom has to take responsability of his actions and not listern to other children,and i have to go in tomorrow for a formal meeting with the head teacher,im very up set,as was tom in the wrong doing it,yes for stealing,but if they have constont go on do it,they are bond to do it,as its part of there condition,i dont no what to say to head teacher,only knock his bloke of,im lost on what to do can any one advice me,
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