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Somedays I just dont think i can keep going, right now im relieved my son is in the hospital Ive reached my breaking point and if he was here right now who knows what would happen, Im going to make an appointment for myself for depression Hopefull i can get help for myself while my son is away getting help Having a child with adhd really takes it toll
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Name: val | Date: Nov 17th, 2005 3:41 PM
Make that appointment, it will be the hardest thing you do is to admit you can't take it-your plate is full ;) most parents with adhd kids end up suffering from depression because they feel like a bad parent. ya know, i keep reading all of the posted letters and seeing everyone write "I LOVE MY CHILD" but, who is willing to admit they are trying to reassure themselves they love their child because in truth they do love they just don't like them. Get help and realize they don't mean to be that way anymore then you mean to feel the way you do-it just happens. 

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