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hi my son is 5 and has seen all professonals because off his behaviour theyve all said he has signs of adhd but nothing has been done about what else can i do to get some help for him since being born he hasnt slept hes on the go all the time he doesnt eat hes aggresive to everyone doesnt do a thing any one asks him to can any one put me in the right directions before hes gets worst !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: samantha | Date: Jan 13th, 2009 1:51 AM
check the thread below in list....cure for ADHD....sounds promising. Have u talked to your doctor about medication? Sometimes they need it for a couple years while they are leaning some crucial skills and then when they're alittle older, it won't be as necessary. If their brains can't slow down enough to internalize lessons (people skills etc. ) they can't process it. The medicine helps their brains be able to internalize the information. 

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