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i hate my family but what more sad is that my mom said she was imbarased of having me today of me being her child and i have to have a horrible dad and a anger managment brother on top of that that really hurt me that my mum said that i thought she was the 1 that had always been kind now i cant go buy clothes that i need or a trip that i have been looking forward 2 for months i hate everything in my life any suggestions on how to cope with depression+stress p.s i chose adhd as that wat i think my family is :(
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Name: Philomena | Date: Jul 5th, 2007 9:24 PM
Does your mom talk to you like this all the time or was this just an angry outburst on her part? Is there a minister or priest that you could talk to about this that is close to home? A school counselor? It sounds like you live in a stressful enviroment and so you will have to be extra good to yourself in that you need to develop a good eating plan, lots of fruits, vegatables, whole grains and fish, an exercise program 30 minutes a day, three times a week and no television. Try learning something new like taking up an instrument, new language or an unusual sport such as curling (adhd kids do well here) You may live in an unhealthy home but it doesn't mean you have to go down with the ship. By choosing healthy ways each moment of your day, your depression will lift and stress will become easier to deal with. Most importantly, try prayer. Lots of prayer. In addition, a good multivitamin will take the edge off of your jangled nerves.
Please talk to someone about your family. 

Name: thegr8guy | Date: Jul 19th, 2007 5:17 AM
damn dude looks like u need a chill pill if ur mom thinks that im sorry but u cant feel bad about what ur mom thinks u need to know that god loves u and he always will and hes not imbarssed about u cuz he made u the way u are and if u feel this way just tell ur parents dont tell complete strangers lol if u need any help u can get me at [email protected]=P 

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