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my son is a great kid when he wants to b but 9 times out of 10 hes misbehaveing tward me but it seems as if its only me how can i fix this its driveing me nuts!!!!! please help
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Name: rosie_smith_2004 | Date: Feb 4th, 2007 1:38 AM
they have diagnosed him with adhd 

Name: emma30 | Date: Feb 4th, 2007 9:05 AM
hi rosie......my son seems to do the same thing and at times it will really get u down....my son is 11 and at the mo bein a real nitemare......sometimes its best just to ignore his bad behavior but not all the time does that work....but praise him when he has been good or has done something good....there is no easy way to cope with a child with adhd......is he on ne medication......well i hope this helps not much i no..... 

Name: KathyK | Date: Feb 4th, 2007 12:32 PM
My son is 5 and has adhd. He takes out his aggression when he is mad on me and his sister who is 7. When he is having a bad time and starting to come after either one of us, I have to seperate him and make him sit somewhere until he can calm down. When he is behaving or doing something that I asked him to do, I make sure that I praise him and give him alot of positve reinforcement. It is really hard dealing with these kids, but when they are behaving they are loving and just want to be loved. I wish you luck, I know what you are going through. It is a constant battle, but it is worth fighting for your children.
My son is on medications which seem to help, but I can't medicate him in the morning or he is a zombie all day and that is not him, and I don't want him sleeping all the time.
It seems like you have to focus on the things they do correctly when they are behaving and spend alot of time with them. They need that extra attention. It does get tiring, I am usually exhausted by the time he goes to bed at night. 

Name: ccanul | Date: Feb 8th, 2007 8:13 PM
My child used to misbehave all day long. One minute he would be sitting just fine, and the next he would be throwing a fit for hours, because of something that he can't find. His therapist handed me a book called love and logic, and the nest thing you know I have stopped some of those behaviors. If your child is yelling the him to yell louder, because the neighbors can't hear. They are stund, because they are expecting a diffrent reaction. If your child throws himself on the floor, or stomps his feet tell him to keep stomping them feet. If he gets into things spend a little time playing games with him. Sometimes its atention problems not saying you don't pay attention to him. Its just that sometimes what we think is long enough, and to our children its not enough. Set up a time of day that just you, and him can spend time. Play a game for 15min or just sit and talk. Let your child decide on the game. Sometimes just giving them a choices makes a diffrence. You and your son right up a contract together saying exactly when you will play or go outside and play. If your son misbehaves before you are to play then you can say oh well since you did this I guess we wont play today. And if you see him starting to misbehave you can for warn him that if he continues to misbehave that you wont be playing today. Kids always look forward to that special time with you. I hope this helps 

Name: Deb | Date: Feb 26th, 2012 10:31 PM
How long does it take to know that the patch takes effect? We are trying Daytrana 1 patch, then Dr said to increase it. It doesnt seem to help 

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