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I wan to start by saying I love my daughter very much,but everyday life has become unbearable.She WILL NOT cooperate in anything she HAS to do such as..bathing,having her fingernails clipped,wearing her seatbelt(I have to sit in the back seat and hold it on),Now she WILL NOT wear clothes.She will go get them and say I wanna go outside ,the second I put them on her she is screaming her head off,and ripping them off.I have tried the normal sit in the chair ,timeout ,no Dora routine .If I make her go to time out and sit in a chair I have to hold her down,the whole time and she is screaming.Like I am in time out.I have done the reward thing.Do this and you get this,she don't care.I am out of options .I dunno what to do
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Name: mar22 | Date: Jul 24th, 2007 1:29 AM
sounds like a tactile thing look into this with the doctor maybe her clothes are bugging her, some kids dont like certain materials, best of luck 

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