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i have a 2 yr old son he is a nightmare he hits smack shout at his older brother who is 4 and his younger sister who is 1 if he dont get a toy or own way he even his me he dont sleep all the way through the night and from 5am he is on the go jumping runing fighting dont listen to me dont do as his told he has even pulled his tv on him in a stress and never cryed my oher 2 are fine and have never been like my son is now ive tryed everything the naughty step stopped his sweets sat him away from his brother everything any idea if it could be adhd or just a wild child i need help and advise please im loosing my mind with him x
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Name: Lynne03 | Date: May 4th, 2010 2:27 AM
Have you gotten any books on O.D.D. or adhd? I would start doing a little research on my own and keeping a journal of his behaviors, sleeping patterns, his meals and any other information that you think may be beneficial. I would suggest that you keep do this nightly for atleast a month. Find a center that will assist you in the proper diagnoses, take your information to them and allow them to assist you in treatment and so on. Never stop doing your own research and learning. He is not a wild child he s simply trying to find his little place in the world and it is your job to help as best you can. Good Luck. 

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