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hi my son has ADHD and he is on medication which is not working again ive just had a baby 4 weeks ago which my son seems to accepts well but i am begininning to think his med is not working and he is not doing too well at school either he goes up to junior school in september im worried how he will cope
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Name: henry | Date: Jun 26th, 2009 11:59 AM
Hi : Congratulations on your new born baby. Wish many more good things for you.
I am sorry that you are having a difficult time with your son and hope things get better soon. I really don't have what else to say as this is the very first time that I participate in a chat room, the first entry ever. I chose to write you as we have similar problems so I was hoping you might be able to direct me.
My spouse and I have 6 year old twins (in addition we recently adopted a 2 year old girl). The twins were primies and one of them has ADD and hyperactivity. He was diagnosed 3 months ago and has been taking different kinds of medications for the last three months and none work well at all - in fact, his behavior is far more self involved and he doesn't sleep or eat. Kids don't want to play with him. Our most complex problem is that in three months we have already changed the psychiatrist once as the initial one wouldn't return calls and seemed fairly disinterested. Two weeks into the next doctor, she is also becoming disinterested and isn't returning calls.
We live in the upper west side of Manhattan, NYC and we would do anything, go anywhere to help our soon.
If you know where we can get information of doctors who are attentive and responsive, schools or anything that would help our son, please tell us (in particular if you knew of whether there is doctor referral system using responsiveness as a key criteria).
Thank you very much for any help that you could provide and I hope things get really good, really soon for you.

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