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my son is 17 now he was diginosed with adhd and conduct disorder when e was 11, his pediactric doctor put him on concerta (56 mg ) and strattra (50 mg ) please tell me does any one think this dose is too high? my son is in prison now and stopped taking the drugs and he as been fine can anyone tell me if my son as bee a guinna pig?
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Name: Tina | Date: Apr 27th, 2009 4:01 PM
Well my son is 8 75lbs and on 36mg of concerta. Im not familiar with strattra. But if he is doing well in prison ? But its alot different in prison. I mean what can they do wrong when locked in a cell and under constant watch. I think the doctors were probally trying to control his symptoms. There is not alot doctors can do but give meds to help. But my son is only 8. I actually have a fear as he gets older because the majority of these kids end up in prison. 

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