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i hav e a toddler that is now copying her brothers behavour has any had to deal with this. my six year old has adhd and likes to teach his sister inappropriate behaviour and praises her for it ,in the mist of myself saying no that not appropriate do not listen to your brother she looks up to him and continues. i time her out every time it starting to curve a bit , any advise i do time my son out for giving her false direction so theyboth seem to be in tiime out ,
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Name: teresa | Date: Nov 6th, 2006 1:36 PM
Hey Mar22, I have a 9 yr old daughter with adhd and her six year old sister is starting to act like her as well. My 6 yr old is not adhd but thinks its ok to act like this since she sees her sister doing it all of the time. I'm in the same boat as you, I really don't know what to do. I explain to my younger child that I will not put up with this behavior from her and that I expect more from her. Isn't that funny, that I expect more from the younger child. Both of my kids spend a lot of time in time out or losing priveleges due to their behavior. I have decided to get my oldest daughter some counseling. It can't hurt and hopefully they can get through to her where I can't. Good luck! 

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