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hi all, my names debi and i have 2 sons 5 yrs and 9 yrs old i myself are 38 with adhs. my 1 st son anton was diagnoised 1 yr ago who is very like myself in more ways then one. the 2nd jugene was dianoised 1/2 yr later, who is very much like his father (nothing like myself) never the less i could always understand anton and his ways, which of course made me realise from where he had got his problem from. as it is said to be 1st hand from one of the direct parents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a believer !! even though jugene is very different to me i do see the one likeness in both of them. they are both very hypa, unconsentraited ,have social problems ect ect !!!! sometimes my biggest problem is not just how to deal with the pair of them, but how to deal with myself in wild and complicated situations. i cant hide us all from the big bad world, but sometimes we have no choice. has anybody eles got this problem????even though my husband is a great support i feel so alone with my problem.
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