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Hi doctors told me evry two year old have adhd and they cant be tested til five or even get medicine my son will be three oct. 17 and he makes it out to be his way or the high way my seven year old hehas adhd and hes on concerta and he has his moments but at times my two year will act the same way that his half brother would act he cant sit still half the time he sometimes act like you feed him a box of sugarany advice would be great I keep listening to the doctors about how they cant help him or test him til later on is that truealso when I go out I hate to take him with me because he screams yells runs you name it he does ithe even likes beating up on his brothers bitting hitting if any moms have advice it would be great thanks
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Name: Lisa Thyr | Date: Oct 5th, 2006 3:29 AM
I'm in the same boat as you are I have 2 sons and they are 8 and 3 the older boy was diagnosed in kindergarden and our dr. thinks that the younger one has ADHD as well. I have heard about some natural stuff that is suposed to help but I am a little aprehensive about not knowing for sure if he has it or not. I would like to know before I start giving him things he doesn't need. 

Name: jamberrt | Date: Oct 6th, 2006 3:05 AM
I started giving my son lecithen grains (they look like caviar) in his juice every morning. I let it sit a bit and then shake it well (he's using a sippy cup). I noticed a huge difference when I'd forget. The screaming and frustration would escalate. He's still very active but I feel so much more reasonable. We have a great health food store here - it's family run and they're all very knowledgeable so I know it's not going to hurt. 

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