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my son was diagnosed with AD/HD when he was 5. he is in the first grade now and is a very very smart boy. he is on adderal xr, but for some reason he cannot calm down, sit still or even be quiet in school. the teacher cannot even teach the class correctly because he is so disruptive and loud. he has started hitting, spitting and calling names at school, but not a whole lot. at the beginning of the year he was bringing home a's and b's, but the past month now he has brought home a few c's and d's along with a's and b's. the teacher says he just wont slow his mind down enough to focus on the task at hand. i cant even get his doctor to up his dosage. the funny part is that he is very helpful at home and he only acts up a little. he does not gain weight, infact since he has been on the meds he has lost a pound or two. i dont know what else to try or do and am asking for some very good advice from parents with experience.
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