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ok my daughter is 11 and ever since she was in preschool she has struggled staying focused and staying on task. in third grade she began doing very poorly and it was the suggestion of her teacher that she have a ppt. we did and they decided that she should be placed in speech in order for her to recieve extra help with math she was already being pulled from class for reading help. she began speech and still had math and reading support all 3 mind you she was pulled from main stream class to attend. since third grade i have asked for more anything!! she is now in sixth grade and has failed 3 classes. i had a conference with all her teachers and they all suggested that i right a letter to explain that i wanted something more to help my child. with that her social studies teacher asked me if she is medicated!!! she seems so "out of it" i said no and if she was by law you are supposed to be notified! samantha then saw the school pyscholigist who after speaking to me and then my daughter she called me back to tell me that sammie is depressed! i contacted my pediatrician and she suggested a behavoralist and a neroligist and they both have come back to me with the diagnosis of ADHD!!!! now my problem is that the school is telling me that because she already gets speech that they might not be able to offer her anything else i thought by law she is entitled to a 504 right?????????? all these years have passed and if someone just said hey lets test her maybe she wouldnt have the low self esteem she has and wouldnt have the attitude that she HATES school at the age of 11
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Name: casam2029 | Date: Feb 2nd, 2009 3:01 AM
why doesnt anyone respond to my story?? 

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