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my son was diag. with adhd when he was 7 years old. we tried different meds and found one that helped him focus perfectly its called vyvance and his grades with getting better and was a totally different child. well lately his anxiety has gone really high and he started to steal things.. no reason to, he is def. not deprived of things. Well i can catch him or know he stole it and will not admit it.. i can tell him he was caught on camera and he will say its not him. i am thinking he might have autism. i dont know whats going on. his teacher has noticed a change in him and she thought its his age but then she noticed the mood changes. he says he blanks out when he does it and he knows its wrong but wont admit it because he doesnt want to get into trouble. when he does wrong i dont beat him or yell. i try to sit calmly and talk to him but still he wont ever admit it. when he does its hours or days later because i wont let up on it. i am so scared he will get into serious trouble with the law. i dont know if it is side affect from taking the vyvance or if its autism .. i am so confused and depressed. anyone with the same problem?? or am i alone in this? :(
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Name: jessy | Date: Apr 25th, 2011 3:49 PM
i am 13 maybe me and him can be friends or something i have a bro whos 12 he has adhd and autism email me on [email protected] thanks 

Name: debra wise | Date: May 11th, 2011 9:53 AM
hi i am a foster carer i have dealt with many problem children, my own birth child has autism if you look up autism they will tell you their main trait is they are extremely honest children, and mostly do not lie, to me it sounds like detachment disorder usually brought on from trauma,maybe think back at what has happened in the past ,if not that then with growing his medication may not be working due to him growing and he may need a higher dose
hope that helped 

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