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Hi! I am new to the forum. My sister recommend talking to others with children who have ADHD. My son is six and in first grade. He was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago with PDD and ADHD. He was doing really well through kindergarten...or so the school was saying. Now that he is at school ALL day he is having a lot of trouble and has already been suspended once!! I am looking for anyone who can tell me anything that will help!! I am stressed over whether or not to medicate him!! Please let me know how you all have made this decision...especially when then husband is not 100% on board!!!
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Name: jamberrt | Date: Oct 31st, 2006 7:50 PM
Oh honey, welcome! My daughter is 12 and has been on meds since 7 1/2. It gave her self-esteem because now she could focus in school and realized she was very smart! Also, the risperdal gave her emotions - she realized she HAD feelings and what they were.

First ritalin, then combined that with risperdal, now concerta and risperdal, thinking of switching to stratera (non-stimulant) and risperdal. I'm with her more than my husband so I told him he doesn't get a 50/50 vote...nice eh?

I've also changed a lot of things in the house - for details I'm at [email protected]. My newest endeavour is to get rid of sugar, food coloring, gluten (which I've recently learned is hard on ADHD kids), and try organic.

Wish you well! 

Name: flamom | Date: Nov 1st, 2006 1:44 AM
Welcome KitKat,
I've only been on three weeks and moms are great and we're all in the same boat with adhd and some more. My son is bright, ten but has shown adhd since first. We didn't start rx until last year and I WISH I had done it sooner. He's on Focalin small mg and it's wonderful. We tryed diet change, counseling but nothing. Rx is tough decision but helpful to many. I feel when their self esteem at stake you have to do what's most helpful. He's great in class now with friends! Good luck hope to see you on again. 

Name: flamom | Date: Nov 1st, 2006 1:49 AM
ps. My hubby was the same but after a few conferences at school he got on board! 

Name: nancyw | Date: Nov 1st, 2006 1:54 AM
In my experience, (my 12 year old son was diagnosed ADHD at age 6), the medications have been a life saver. You may want to give meds a trial run - 2 to 3 months to see if it helps. If you give an extended dose, you may find that you need to give a smaller regular dose in the afternoons to avoid "rebound" - when the child gets irritated when the meds wear off. The afternoon dose is sort of a 'step-down' to their system and lets the meds wear off more slowly 

Name: fancy | Date: Nov 3rd, 2006 3:52 AM
Hi kitkat the only thing I can say is do whats best for your son thats what i did I had alot of people against me giving my son meds but today hes seven and hes alot better then he was before I was also against it I had heard stories about it and actually was scared to give him it but after talking to his doctor I'm glad I listen to my self then anyone else hes on concerta now and it works like a dharm and he listens to me his teacher his dad and his step dad and we all can see a big difference in him now good luck with your son!!! and listen to your self and mainly do it for him hes the one calling out for help 

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