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I have an 8 year old son- diagnosed w/stress induced ocd- life was completely hellish as we went through the tests etc. and the waiting lists. Finally last January he was prescribed lexapro- which makes him hyper- a small price to pay for the sanity we regained. I think he started at 5mg then it was increased to 10 mg. 2 weeks ago the doc wanted to reduce his meds to 5 mg to see if he still has the ocd. I found a website that describes the withdrawal of lexapro- which is TERRIBLE and I can not imagine the suffering. We are back to meltdowns and some 'rituals' which although I have noticed- I have NOT mentioned to him.

Does anyone have any experience with reducing meds for ocd? Can you share your experience?

On one hand I want to give it some time but at what cost? The other hand I do NOT want my son to live a nightmare-

please help?
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