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anyone here from the pittsburgh, pa area and have a child or if you as an adult have adhd and looking for some coaching, guidance, someone to talk to, to become adhd free? if so please respond back!
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Name: babgir | Date: Sep 2nd, 2012 2:46 PM
I live in hanover pa its me my mom and dad and my brother me and my brother have a lot of health problems and i know my mom needs someone to talk to....she never gets free time really...... she always tries to help others and i just want her to be happy for once she gives all of her stuff up to support me and my brother my dad never really gets to see the family cuz hes always working to support the family and well i just hope u can talk to her sometime if u want to talk to her message me at [email protected] and ill give u her email if she says i can 

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