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I am 18 years old and I think I may ADHD.
It is not a for sure thing but I need some advice.
This is why I think I have it:

1. I procrastinate all the time, if i have a test i study the period before usually or wing it because i can bring myself to actually do it.
2. if im not interested in something i will not take the time to learn, read, or study it.
3. I have a really bad temper, i get hurt easily, and get frustrated and stressed VERY eaisly.
4. I am constantly trying to do 5 things at once and I hate not finishing them but iwill get distracted and start more and more projects.
5. when someone asks a question ill ask before they finish
6. i blurt out everything i say and sometimes regret it
7. i want to be the main one in a group, do everything, and always want to talk
8. when i drive i dont stay still i tap my fingers on the steering wheel and move positions a lot

there is a lot more but this is just the main stuff i just need someones advce on it
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