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I read all these letters and reply to alot of them, sounding like I have all the answers, and really I dont I tell you about things I've done that has worked, but the truth is I m tired. and things dont work all the time, and when that happens what do you next thats where I'm at today, is going to be this way forever? will he end up in jail when he gets older? I just dont know, and I feel bad because today I hate my son
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Name: Chris | Date: Sep 12th, 2005 3:47 AM
Hang in there Tracy! Your not alone! There some days that you think God today was such a great day and BAM first thing in the morning your fighting with your child just to get changed or eat his breakfast. It's funny that you made the comment about your son going to jail. I often think if I knew for sure that my son would be ok when he's an adult all the misery you go through while thier younger will all be worth it. Unfortunately I don't have the answer yet and I go through good days and bad days! So hang in there your not alone! 

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