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My son is in first grade. He hasn't been on his med. for 3 day's because we moved and the perscription got lost. I really notices for those three days he needs to be on meds. Yesterday I got a phone call from school say he haded pull his pants up after he went to the bathroom.So all the kids were laughing at him. I had a talk with him and he said he couldn't pull them up because of the tie. That day he had a substute teacher so they punished him for it by taking recese away. The princeable had a talk with him to. Then today he decides that since yesterday he got a big laugh about it he decidce to do that in class. I at least got to say well I punished him this time and hopefully he will understand. I know in his hart he thought that was a way of making friends. because he was making them laugh. He doesn't understand that they are laughing at him instade of with him. He is now going to go to a behavior and social class starting this thurseday I hope it helps. I been really tring hard with him. I have a surprise basket at hope so on those good day he get's to pick and on excellent weeks we go to the book store togther so he can pick a book of his choice with out his brothers.I just hope that when the meds kick in this stuff want happenas bad as this.
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