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I have a son who just turned 6. We live in NYC and he has been approved for non-public school funding. He was in a 12:1:1 last year and did fantastic, so well that they thought he could be in a CTT class. They were wrong. My son has been suffering for eight long mos. with teachers and administrators who don't understand his disability and don't see how they're strategies are making him worse. Because of the frustration his aggression has built up and with even the slightest outburst he goes into what they call a "Safe room" almost once a day. He cries in the morning about how much he doesn't want to go to his school. My problem is that all of the appropriate schools for him ie. The Child School, Churchill, Reese, Gillen Brewer, Gateway and many other's won't even interview him. They have based their decision solely on this year's reports that make him look like a monster, forgetting what their schools are about and the fact that this is a six year old who they can help save from extreme future damage. Please help me find a way to help them understand and possibly give him a chance. All I've asked for is an inteview and they've all shot me down, even his former school Gramercy has been willing to speak to them, and they still shot us down. I feel that my son who is of average and above average academic intelligence is being tossed aside. Please let me know how to handle this. Losing hope
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