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i'm a single mom working 6 days a weak and putting at least 75 hours in those 6 days, the problem is i feel like i'm really neglrting my son, i can see it in his attitude the only time he does his homework is when im around and thats only been a few times since school has started. when hes at the sitters he lies about it or argues so i told her not to fight with him because that gets nowhere, so just let him take the consequences at school, so he ebds up in the opportunity room or missing recess, then that turns inti another problem. I've also had to take him out of karate because its hard to find him aride, I,ve tried talking to my boss telling her i cant work so much, especially nights but i'm salary so i guess it really doesn't much matter to her and she really just doesn't understand because she has no kids of her own. I really dont know what to do I've worked so hard to get off assitance but at what cost? I'm really not making that much for the hours I put in and I still sruggle every month to pay bills and out food on the table hell sometimes I cant even buy groceries.
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