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My name is Chelsea and I feel I have an out of control 4 year old.
He doesnt listen if you tell him to stop he wont and he will scream or cuss or Roar
like a dinosaur. He always has to have it his way or he will throw a fit.
Never will he stop when he is told NEVER its just over and over
and if I spank him he will laugh. There are times when he can be the sweetest
little boy but that doesnt last long.
Sometimes I feel like im talk to someone older, he seems inteligent beyond his
years, but he just doesnt wanna listen, he wont stop..he just keeps on
no matter what I do punish him, spank him, time out
nothing works and I am persistant.
I know his problems are my fault, I had him all by myself till he was 3 after
that his other grandparents started helping me, so he goes back and forth alot
but now hes getting where he wants to stay over there more, and I know its cause
he gets his way, but it hurts, hes not the boy I know, and when he screams and
goe out of control I just dont know what to do.
His father hasnt really been in his life at all and when he does come around he ignores Noah
It also seems like Noah always wants to be eating. Eating or disobeying
or hitting the dog or my sister.
Everyone says hes just being a 4 year old, but the way he talk and the joy he
gets out of not listening its just to much. I dont know what to do
anymore. I really really need help. Nobody wants to admitt something is wrong,
and I know I am probably to blame because I had him young, and ever since he turned
3 his grandparents have been having him alot more often, and have been
helping raise him. Noah gets alot of love I dont think thats the problem..
I need to know what I can do, Im so sick of yelling and spanking nothing is working
..please please help.. Should I go to a certain kind of doctor,
because his family doctor doesnt think it is a big problem, but I feel it is.
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