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The Ultimate Best Friends
Were you ready to start a family, but couldn’t find Mr. Right? Do you consider your gay best friend a better companion than any of your exes? Did you both decide to take matters into your own hands and have a baby together? If so, we want hear your story! We are seeking the Ultimate Best Friends, a female and her gay best friend, for a heartwarming Reality Show about the love that can be found in non-traditional families.

Please tell us your story and send PICTURES! How long have you know your best friend? Are you pregnant now or have you already had the baby? If you’ve already had the baby, how old is he/she and how has this new addition transformed both of your lives? How did your family and friends react when they first learned of your decision? Are either of you dating now, if so how do you split up the Saturday nights and 3AM feedings?

If interested, please send an email to Monica at [email protected]
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