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Hello there,
I have a unique situation with our 10 year old daughter. For about 3 years now, our daughter gets real jealous if she sees my wife and I being affectionate towards one another by either kissing or hugging. She would run up to us yelling and pushing me away. We first found it to be amusing but now it's got to the point where we're going to start taking her to therapy because last week she got so worked up over me kissing my wife she started to hyper ventilate and crying.
I have a good relationship with my daughter, but I find it strange the amount of lashing out she would do towards me when I approach my wife for a hug or a peck on the cheek.
She won't discuss it with anyone, even my wife as to why she acts this way.
It's to the point aso where my wife won't come near me with my daughter around for fear of my daughter freaking out again....Any clue as to what's going on. Enlighten me before this gets out of hand.
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Name: SexLifeDownTheToilet | Date: Sep 19th, 2012 1:07 PM
Not as unique as you might think. I need the same advice. I swear my daughter has super hearing or something: my wife and I just get naked and before anything else happens, from ACROSS the HOUSE she starts crying & panicking.
Everytime we sit on the sofa and cuddle, she comes running in screaming and sits between us, and if she wakes up and thinks we're together she runs over to the nearest lit room to check and shouts for attention, but from only one of us. It varies but she seems to want my wife to stay away the most. All our doctor told us was "It's just a phase." 

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