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Last night I was watching a movie with my girlfriend of 9 months and my 13 year old daughter. My girlfriend & daughter have an awesome relationship, couldn't be better. Anyway, during the movie "Grease" my daughter and I sang along and held hands and at one point I interlocked my fingers in hers and caressed her hand. I was sitting in between my girlfriend and my daughter and my girlfriend flicked my nose with her index finger and said I was "disgusting". This lead to a 1 hour fight where I defiantly stood up for my behavior and she made me promise not to do it again or she would leave me. I went to sleep feeling so sad and confused. Is my relationship with my daughter inappropriate?
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Name: Hanna | Date: Feb 22nd, 2012 5:03 PM
It is appropriate if it is something you and your daughter want. You have to take what I say here based on the fact I am German and certain things here and in much of the western EU are viewed a little more openly and there is not all the nonsense seen elsewhere with all the preaching and bigotry along with all the teen pregnancy and STD's as seen in NA

Good luck to you 

Name: Rosagrace | Date: Jul 22nd, 2012 6:10 PM
I disagree with the last post. A behavior or behaviors between parent and child are not always ok just because it's what they both want. There needs to be firm and clear boundaries between a parent and child. I think you should step back and ask yourself if you would think that this was appropriate behavior for your daughter to have with a stepfather if she has or ever might have one. Even if they were close, personally I don't think father or stepfather and daughter should hold hands with intertwined fingers and caress each others hand. Doesn,t mean that you are disgusting, different families have different boundaries, but I think that behavior should be reserved for your spouse or significant other. Your daughter needs to respect you as her father, not her snuggle buddy, friend or so on. And you don't want her to think that it's ok for another male family member that she is close to to act this way with her. Just a thought. 

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