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Hello there.

My girlfriend and I have been together for ten months and we have really fallen for each other.

She is in the process of getting divorced and has three children from the marriage, the eldest in thier early teens, the youngest being eight. She is in her mid thirties and I am thirty next year.

I know that ten months into a relationship and her marital situation is not ideal to be planning a family etc, but, we are just looking ahead and around the corner.

I know that having "been there and done that" she is not wanting to have any more, and I fully respect and understand that. I am just so in love with this woman and truly beileve that she IS the one that I am supposed to be with. I fully appreciate that if we were to have one it would not be for 18 months to 2 years down the line, but this is a subject we do need to talk about now.

I find myself seeing newborn babies in prams when walking down the street and it breaks my heart to think that I have found such a wonderful and beautiful woman but, we will probably not be able to have a child together. Even now, the thought is making me well up slightly.

Does anybody have any sound advice for me. Will it be possible to be with her, knowing that I will not be able to father a child by her? Can relationships work with that sort of weight attached to them? Will I end up resenting her, and possibly her children from her previous relationship? Adopting her children is something that I would never consider as her husband is a great guy and will always be in thier lives, which is great.

Should I walk away from the relationship even though just about every fibre of me is telling me to stay with this wonderful woman.


Thanks, david
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