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I have been with my boyfriend for 2years now when we got together he was still with his x girlfriend they have a 3 year old daughter together a few mths back the baby had measles and his x didnt bother to tell us as we dnt have contact with her my blokes mum deals with her! i msged her on my space sayin thanks alot for tellin us baby has measles as the baby stays over at ours every other wkend and we was arguin.She then told me we cant have the baby over as im pathetic and that she was sleepin wiv him until 4mths after they split, as he was stil goin round there seeing the baby. She tells me this after over a year and half together i just dont know wat to do i confronted him e didnt deny it then when we found out that she is trying to find out where we live and has been trying to get my mobile number and loadsa other stuff! He was denyin that he slept with her, sayin she tryin 2 cause trouble all the time! and he neva slept with her and all this! She no's where we live and has been drivin past our street looking for us and she always wants my bloke 2 go round n talk to her but this solves absolutely nothing he goes round there to talk and nothing is ever resolved. We havent had the baby over to stay in over 2mths now as she wont allow it but now she says we can have her as she adde me 2 msn sayin that some girl told her to and we was civi she wanted me 2 get my bloke to go round there and talk to her i asked wat about n she said coz the child is starting school soon she needs things i said give list to my blokes mum and we can get it and she said no she wants 2 talk to him. If you want to no more or anythin pls contact me! Hope this is enuff info xxxx Story is too long 2 explain xxxxx
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