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I was reading the message posted by cari and hadn't seen an update. what has happened about this case? We have had my husbands nephew for 6 years. He was an adorable baby who was not taken care of and left at gmas all the time. We couldn't take it any more so we told her we'd watch him. well that turned into being there a week at a time and her only seeing him onthe weekends. then it was every time she could fit him in to her parting lifestyle. We soon got married and then he was left with us permently. She would come see him from time to time. I fell in love with him needless to say. He started calling me mom and that really griped my inlaws asses!! well what else should he call me he was now 2 and i was his mom as far as he could tell. We have had him for 6 years now and she has cleaned herself up and got married. they moved out of state with her other child (Older). we got a power of attorney for him to go to school last year. We have always wanted him to be a part of our family leagally and are tired of waiting!!! She said she would give up her rights to us and we could have him. The problem is the dad. He has never been incontact with him the whole time he has been with us. The bio gma has though. She sends him cards and christmas presents. She wont tell us his wearabouts though. she knows but wouldn't tell us. We want to have his rights taken from him but we are afraid that theses courts will take pitty on him being the dad and not do it. the cost of the homestudy is also alot of money. I wasn't aware of the high prices just for someone to tell you can continue doing the same thing you have been for 6 years leagally!!!! It just seems so unfair!! If anyone has a comment about this or some help with what we can do next , please respond. id like to hear your story.
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