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I was with my then girlfriend in 2003. She had 2 daughters from her 1st marrige and they wer both great at the beginning I guess maybe of the nolevity or even their ages(10/12) Since then we were married in 2006 and for the last 6 months the youngest who is now almost 15 has been tough.It seems what ever I say or suggest comes back with smart remarks which gets me frustrated and fuels my anger and then I guess you know where it gos from there-yes I am the bad guy, I'm to rough on her etc etc. per my wife. I mention to my wife some things that are being done with/withouthout her knowledge and there are times when both of them really talk down to them and my wife choices not to battle it out with them, but I really get frustrated with that and tell them they should no talk to her like that, and you know what that leads to. I guess I am desperate for anybodies imput that has run into this. I hope it is a temporary issue. But in the mean time what can I do to get a better realationship with the 15 yr old without having look fake, because I really to care about her and want to spend many years in her life-OPEN to any sugestions please reply
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Name: C | Date: Feb 10th, 2009 7:48 PM
David, my husband and my daughter had a great relationship for the first 8 years we were married..then all of a sudden "he's not my dad" comes up. I feel so bad for him, your situation sounds just like his..please keep the extended family out of it and empathize with your wife...it may be harder on her than you think.
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